Dean’s Priorities for the Community

Arts, Culture Heritage and Diversity

Dean is proud to live in a city that is rich in arts & culture.  The pandemic has hit this sector of our economy particularly hard. Dean has supported the Arts Alive fund, moved an additional 25k be added to the Public Art fund ear marked for local arts only. Helped negotiate stable funding for EC3 as well as other arts and culture organizations. Made certain that funding was not cut during the lock down. Co-authored the motion to establish a 40k per year grant program for individual artists. Dean supported the establishment and hiring of the city’s first Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer. On March 7th, Dean moved to direct city staff to assist any partner agencies with the any humanitarian needs that may arise from the war in Ukraine. 

As a Town ward councillor, Dean knows that we are at the heart of the city. Peterborough’s vibrant and engaging arts & culture community must be supported. Dean will continue to champion the cultural sector at City Council.

Housing, Homelessness and Addictions

Dean believes that the opioid crisis, homelessness, and all addictions are the most import issues facing the not only Peterborough, but the entire province and county. All levels of government and all agencies need to work together to establish a National and Provincial strategy to assist people in need. Dean has authored or co-authored several motions to add tools to the toolbox. Some of these are:

  • Sept 14 2020 a Motion to ask the Province for ‘Crisis Beds and a Detox Facility’
  • Oct 11 2021 Letter of support for a Detox Centre in Lindsay at Ross Memorial in partnership with Canadian Mental Health
  • Nov 29 2021 That half the Police surplus be directed to opioid addiction programs
  • Dec 6 2021 That staff report on a ‘blueprint to help cope with opioid overdoses and have a long term strategy
  • March 8 2022 That the City of Peterborough fund a ‘Systems Navigator’ to help fight the Opioid Crisis
  • May 9 2022 That the City partner with Canadian Mental Health to fund Crisis Intervention Teams to assist with getting Mental Health work on the street to help people suffering with addictions

Transportation Plan


With the adoption of the new Transportation Master Plan or TMP, a plan he asked for on June 19 of 2019 and was adopted on March 14, 2022, Dean believes City Council will have very important choices to make as it guides the city through the fledgling first steps of the TMP. Mode shifts will have to be addressed. Alternate forms of transportation will need to be expanded and explored. Dean supported the adoption of the Cycling Master Plan on March 10 2022. Transit will need to be examined closely to better understand its needs. To this end on Feb 7 2022 Dean co-authored a motion with Chair of Transportation, Don Vassiliadis, to ask for the establishment of a Transit Riders Association.

Strengthening of the Central Area


Over the next decade the intensification and ongoing development of the city must be handled with great care. As the city grows, the impact on existing neighborhoods must have vision, inclusiveness and proceed with a ‘smart city’ approach. The development of neighborhood plans must continue. These are plans that lay out a ‘road map’ for how an existing neighborhood will meet the demands and pressures associated with an expanding vibrant city. As a lifelong resident and as a person who is invested in Peterborough, Dean understands these challenges and has the knowledge and leadership to work with the community to the benefit of all.





The climate crisis is one of the major issues facing our society. As the city moves forward, it must keep these thoughts at the forefront of our plans. The new Official Plan or OP, adopted Nov 29 2021, has some vital targets in it that must be met and adhered to. Along with the targets in the new TMP and the adoption of new innovated technologies, Dean believes the city is up to the challenge. He supported the hiring of environmental staff to combat climate change. Dean has moved the conversion of the city fleet to non-carbon based fuels on Sept 6 2021. On the same night he also moved that staff report back on an incentive program to promote tree planting on private property. On June 14 2021 Dean supported Councillor Don Vassiliadis’s motion to use Peterborough as a test site for Canadian made electric cars. As part of the public engagement process, Dean lead the idea of home energy grants now being explored.

For Further information on recycling please refer to the City of Peterborough Website.




Feb. 8, 2022 – Asking Peterborough Transit riders for feedback to improve transit crucial: Pappas

Sept. 17, 2020 – City council orders bus stop for Brooklawn apartment building on Donegal Street

Sept. 7, 2021 – Peterborough to consider green fuels for transit buses, police cruisers, other city vehicles

Arts, Culture and Heritage

November 4 2021 – Peterborough: Investing in public art

40K for arts grants

EC3 funding to 85k

25K ear marked for local arts to produce Public Art for the City Facilities

New Decorative Bike Racks Installed In Downtown

Nov. 2, 2021 – Heritage designation for Jackson Park considered by Peterborough city council

July 14, 2020 – Symbols of hate not welcome in Peterborough

January 11, 2021 – Inverlea Park saved from potential fire hall in Peterborough

Homelessness and Addictions

December 12 2022 – City of Peterborough going ahead with ‘system navigator’ to address homelessness

December 6, 2021 – ‘Shell-shocked’ Peterborough seeks blueprint to cope with opioid overdoses Long-term strategies will be presented to council by the end of next year as part of the Community Safety and Well-being Plan,

Sept. 17, 2020 – Recovering addict wants to bring detox centre to Peterborough

Oct 12, 2021 – New detox beds expected to come to Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay but not to Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Nov. 30, 2021 – Half of Peterborough Police surplus directed to opioid addiction program


Nov 29 2021 – Peterborough city council adopts city’s new Official Plan

Mar 14, 2022 – Transportation Master Plan Phase 4 – Approval of Infrastructure and Policy Recommendations

Mar 10, 2022 – Peterborough cycling master plan aims to triple trail network system around city

Jun 28, 2021 – Peterborough staff to find parking solutions downtown to deal with Simcoe garage closure


Declaration of Climate emergencey

Hiring of Environmental staff to combat Climate Change

Jan. 21, 2020 – Bid to oppose BWXT licence renewal rejected by city council

Jun 14, 2021 – City council plugs into Peterborough being a test city for SARIT microcars

Sept 6 2021 – The conversion of the City fleet to non carbon based fuels.  

Economy and Budget

Nov. 27, 2019 – City of Peterborough should have staff economic development officer: Pappas

Establishment of the Public Budget Survey

New public engagement avenues for input to the budget

Nov. 30, 2021 – Half of Peterborough Police surplus directed to opioid addiction program

Sep 14, 2020 – Pappas wants answers on lifespan, repair costs for Peterborough Police vehicles. City council rejects motion to seek more information on how city police maintain their fleet.

Jul 7, 2020 – Peterborough council wants more detail on donated police LAV

Jun 22, 2020 – Peterborough police will keep 25% of 2019 surplus

In addition here is a quick list of some of the monies being spent on Housing Homelessness and Homelessness

The Net Municipal Expenditures broken down by sub area:

  1. Children’s Services – $1.6M
  2. Housing and homelessness – $5.7M
  3. Social Assistance – $4.3M

Social Assistance costs broken down:

  1. Mandatory Benefits – $28.7M (100% paid by Province)
  2. Discretionary Benefits – $1.6M (municipal/provincial cost split)
  3. Administration – $10.4
  4. Other poverty initiatives – $230K

Housing and Homelessness broken down:

  1. Administration – $970K
  2. PHC  – $3.8M
  3. Rent Supplement programs – $2.2M
  4. Non Profit social housing  – $7.1M
  5. Homelessness – $5.5M
  6. Other special housing programs – $3.5M (Home for Good, Housing Resource Centre, capital programs)

Children’s Services

  1. Admin – $600K
  2. Children’s Day Care core funding – $13.2M
  3. Early Learning – $800K
  4. Early ON Family Centres – $1.2M
  5. Directly operated child care – $2.2M

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